Howard A. Gitelson

1163 South Winthrop St.
Saint Saint Paul, MN 55119
(651) 592-2085

Professional Summary

I am a Senior Software Engineer possessing significant web development experience and real time process control embedded code within large organizations. I have extensive development experience with several different languages including Java Swing, C, C++ and various assemblers. My primary technical competencies include systems design and development utilizing J2EE, Java, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Java Beans, XML/XSL, SOAP, HTML, C#, JavaScript and Perl. I am a Sun Java Certified Professional. I have excellent communication skills and can interface with all levels within an organization. I also have extensive expertise employing C/C++ and Visual C++ languages for real-time embedded code systems, as well as designing and developing convenient, logical and easy to use application interfaces. Howard is a Sun Java Certified Professional. I have excellent communication skills and interface well with all levels within an organization. I have worked on medical devices requiring FDA approval and also military devices requiring DoD approval and air traffic control software requiring FAA approval. I have a B.S. degree in Chemistry from the University of Maryland, I did my Ph.D. studies in Physical Chemistry/Spectroscopy and Molecular Structure at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, with minors in Mathematics and Physics. I completed a Post Doctoral research project for one year in Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Minnesota, Saint Paul campus.



Boston Scientific, 7/2011 - Present

Developed Java, JUnit test suite and test documentation for a test data management system. Eclipse, XML, Oracle.

McKesson Corporation, 2008 - 7/2011

Developing medital laboratory applications using Java, C#, C and Oracle. Environment inclueds Windows XP, Linux, Oracle, Visual Studion .NET, Eclipse.

Boston Scientific / Guidant , 2007 - 2008

Developing a visual user interface to various test systems. Environment included: Visual Studio C++, Java, Eclipse, Swing.

US Bank, 2006 - 2007 Software Engineer

Created several application to support their Filenet system and to import external data into Filenet. Environment included: Visual Studio 2005 C#, Oracle.

SEH Technology Solutions 2006 - 2006 Software Engineer

Developed WebSphere Portal applications with functionality for the MN Pollution Control Agency and Environmental Protection Agency. Environment included: WebSphere, Java, Struts, JSP, XML, J2EE, SQL, Hibernate, HTML, JavaScript, GoogleMaps and GIS functionality.

MoneyGram International , 2005 ­ 2006 Software Engineer

Updated, maintained and extended a C++ and Java programs to scan, transfer and backup checks. The web based single check scanning system is divided between servlets and client applets. The high speed C++ check scanning system is client based and uses and Java applet to batch transfer transactions to the server. Environment included: C++, Java, WebSphere, Struts.

Wells Fargo, 2003 - 2005 Software Engineer

Worked on a C++ interface to a a program their corporate bankers use to find and manage new corporate clients. Created and maintained a variety of SQL stored procedures that were both the interface to the database from the C++ program and also created many of the C++ program’s user interface screens. Environment included: C++, SQL

Wells Fargo, 2002 - 2003 Software Engineer

Designed and developed multiple B2B web applications and utilities for an E-Commerce Procurement system. Created an accounting system module that accumulated all sales data for any month queried, and generated a customized digital report that was sent to the Wells Fargo mainframe computer for analysis. The digital report was in a custom format specified by Wells Fargo. Designed, developed and customized a separate module for the payments system. This module analyzed invoices and purchase orders that had incurred problems and provided accounting managers with various options for resolution. Based upon those decisions, changes were automatically made to the invoices or purchase orders in the database. Technical Environment included: Java, JSP, JDBC, Oracle, PL/SQL, XML/XSL, JRun, SOAP, HTML and JavaScript, DHTML.

MN State Colleges and Univ. (MNSCU), 2001 - 2002 Software Engineer

Re-engineered web pages giving them an updated look and feel with simplified menus. Converted documents and databases for easy maintenance by the staff. Re-engineered the SQL Server database to better serve data to the web site. Mentored and trained the internal staff. Implemented a web site and an employee database search engine using Perl. The website is used by faculty, staff, students, prospective students and parents. Technical Environment included DreamWeaver, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, Photoshop, SQL Server and Perl.

Wells Fargo, 2001 - 2001 Software Engineer

Designed and developed significant customizations to an E-Commerce Procurement System, a B2B web application that allows the Network Administrator to customize individual catalogs and register new users into the corporate Security System. Created numerous enhancements including new user screens and developed interfaces between the catalog system and the Wells Fargo security system. Technical Environment included Java, JDBC, JSP, XML/XSL, SOAP and HTML, DHTML .

St. Paul Companies, 2001 ­ 2001 Software Engineer

Developed a statistical tracking application for the Insurance Claims Reporting System. Converted the program from an executable to a COM service routine . Enhanced the error logging, error restarting, and report emailing functionality. Technical Environment included Windows NT, Visual C++, COM, and multi-threading.

Metaphase Technology, SDRC, 2000 - 2001 Software Engineer

Created web based user interfaces for access to a specialized manufacturing database. Designed and developed multi-threaded Java applications and applets. Developed a software package in Java on UNIX and Windows NT platforms. Responsible for several other smaller development and maintenance projects for new and existing applications. Other technologies included Java, Swing, Forte, Sun Solaris and Windows NT.

MNSCU, 1999 - 2000 Web Developer

Redesigned the web site and migrated it in house to a Windows NT platform. Wrote a new Data Entry System for the HR job requests web site. Designed and created a web site for the internal Grants group. Overall technology included Windows NT, Visual Interdev, DreamWeaver, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server, HTML, DHTML, Perl, Java, and JDBC.

Metropolitan Council, 1998 - 1999 Y2K Software Analyst

Upgraded, replaced, and certified several real-time Process Control Systems. This included PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller) used in several different wastewater treatment plants, burglar and fire alarm system, and an HVAC system. Technology included Windows NT, MS DOS, and several PLC programmers and embedded PLC code.

Norwest Corporation, 1998 - 1998 Software Engineer

Designed and developed a real-time Network Data Collection System for gathering daily transactions from corporate banks nationwide. This system packaged them according to their specification and sent them to the mainframe for processing. Developed a Windows NT Security Login System for adding Windows NT systems to the local OS/2 server systems. The development environment was Visual C++ with Microsoft Foundation Classes, OS/2, Windows NT, and network pipes.

3M, 1995 - 1998 Software Engineer

Designed and developed the complete real-time Process Control System for formatting the LS-120 disks in the Disk Fabrication System. Also worked on the Travan Magnetic Tape Formatting Systems. Both projects were created using Lab Windows and C. Participated on a development team that created a photo display web site that was composed of Active Server Pages using Visual Interdev, Visual Basic, HTML, and PVCS on SQL Server. Developed custom print monitors for various printers that were optimized to make 3M paper print optimally. This software was built using Visual C++, MFC and PVCS. Other technology included Windows NT, MS DOS, and Windows 95.

OTC, Sealed Power, 1995 - 1995 Software Engineer

Designed software for an automobile diagnostic tool, automobile communication and operator interface. Designed and wrote custom specifications for the rewrite of the Automobile Diagnostic Data Collection System.

Carlson Company, 1994 - 1995 Software Engineer

Designed and developed a C/C++ and OS/2 based multi-threaded Airline Reservation System.

Trane Company, 1993 - 1994 Software Engineer

Responsible for the real-time Process Control Embedded Code development project that encompassed a process language interpreter, data collection, event scanner and an embedded code program file system. Utilized C and C++ for embedded code development and Assembler for a custom 80186 platform.

Medtronic, Inc., 1991 - 1993 Software Engineer

Designed and developed verification tests for a new pacemaker; test scripts, debugger, and analysis tools. Modified an assembler debugging system to be used in the development process for the custom microprocessor based pacemaker. Developed in C, C++ and Assembler for Sun/Unix and IBM OS/2 environments. Environment: Sun, IBM PC/Compatibles, UNIX, OS2, Assembler, C, C++.

Cardiac Pacemakers, 1990 - 1991 Software Engineer

Contributed substantially to the real-time PC Heart Simulation Program for demonstrating pacemaker capabilities to medical doctors. Development was in C for this custom 80286 based demonstration device.

OTC, Sealed Power,1990 - 1990 Software Engineer

Designed and developed the operator interface and database for an automobile diagnostic tool. Embedded code development in C was used for the custom Motorola 6809 processor in a VAX and VMS environment.

Unisys Corporation, 1988 - 1990 Software Engineer

Developed the custom Windows display and diagnostic software for the Air Traffic Control System. Development was completed in C and Assembler for a graphical IBM PC system. Developed custom diagnostic and debugging software for the Air Traffic Control and Defense industries. The embedded code development was in C and Assembler for a custom Motorola 68030 processor.

E.W. Blanche Company, 2/90 ­ 3/90 and 12/87 ­ 4/88 Software Engineer

Designed and developed earthquake simulation and earthquake disaster predication software in C and Assembler for an IBM PC platform.

Control Data Corporation, 1985 - 1988 Software Engineer

Member of the development team responsible for a new graphical interface to a real-time Process Control System written in C, Pascal, and Assembler for a custom Motorola 68030 processor.

Areas Of Expertise

3 yrs B2B/Ecommerce
5 yrs J2EE/Java
5 yrs JSP, ASP
6 yrs JavaScript
3 yrs JDBC
1 yrs Struts
6 yrs SQL, PL/SQL
2 yrs XML/XSL
9 yrs HTML
20 yrs C
7 yrs C++/Visual C++
15 yrs Assembler
6 yrs Windows NT
2+ yrs UNIX
1 yr Perl

Design/Architecture, Servlets, SOAP, JRun, Swing, Access, SQL Server 6.5/7.0, Visio, Visual Interdev, Microsoft Foundation Classes, DreamWeaver, COM, Forte, Pascal, FORTRAN

Technical Environments
IBM PCs and compatibles, DEC/VAX, Sun Systems, Macintosh, VAX, VMS, MS Windows, Solaris, OS2, IIS

Sun Certified Java Developer

University of Maryland, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis PhD Thesis Studies in Physical Chemistry, with minors in Math and Physics

University of Minnesota, St. Paul Post-Doctoral Studies Major Focus: Biophysical Chemistry